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Certified Datacenter Expert - CDCE® (exam incl.) - Recertification - English Course

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This course is only open to persons who already have a (expired) CDCE certification.

With few exceptions, enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business-critical services - often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that the mission critical data center is designed, maintained and operated with hi-availability and efficiency in mind. Fact is, however, that most Datacenters do not meet the full availability, capacity, safety or efficiency requirements often demanded. The ever changing technologies put even more pressure on datacenter managers along with the faster pace at which these changes are required.

The Certified Datacenter Expert course is a five-day course designed to prepare participants to analyze a given business case and perform technical evaluation for a project plan and a set of designs for implementation of a mission critical Data Center. The course also engages participants in product evaluations and demonstrates how to select equipment and develop equipment test scripts (IET) and integrated performance and validation testing (IPVT).
CDCE builds upon knowledge gained in CDCP and CDCS courses. Participants who pass the exam will join the industry′s elite Datacenter project design experts

Our Datacenter Certifications are worldwide accredited by EXIN. The training is conducted in collaboration with EPI Training. On the last day of the course the EXIN exam will take place. The exam costs are included in the course fee.

This course is also available in Dutch

Doelgroep cursus Certified Datacenter Expert - CDCE® (exam incl.) - Recertification - English Course

The primary audience for this course is an IT, facilities or Datacenter Operations professional working in and around the data centre and having oversight accountability or responsibility for achieving and improving high availability and manageability of the Datacenter and involved in the design/build, renovation
or relocation of a mission critical Datacenter.


  • Choose an optimum site for mission critical Data Centers based on current and future needs
  • Describe all components important for hi-availability in a Data Center and how to effectively setup the Data Center
  • Understand the design lifecycle stages for Datacenter build projects and the phases involved in project execution
  • Analyze a business case and develop a project brief that is aimed at fullling the business resilience, site selection and design requirements for a t-for-purpose and suitably redundant mission critical Datacenter
  • Conduct technical level design reviews for a given set of preliminary design documents and perform a technical compliance audit of a set of final design development documents compliant to TIA standards
  • Understand how to read electrical Single Line Diagrams (SLE) and other related design documents, and be able to detect the most common design mistakes
  • Evaluate product datasheets and discriminate among technical specications and functional requirements for suitability against a set of given design requirements for a given site and business case
  • Correlate equipment specications to site design constraints, such as room size and space, oor loading capacity, cooling capacity, power quality conditions and maintenance requirements while ensuring equipment selection does not compromise desired tier level compliance
  • Develop Individual Equipment Test (IET) and Integrated Performance and Validation Test (IPVT) plans for a mission critical Datacenter
  • Develop guidelines and checklists for hand-over of a mission critical Datacenter facility, its architectural, mechanical, electrical, IT elements and documentation
  • Develop retirement plans for decommissioning and hand-over of an aged mission critical Data Centre facility.

Onderwerpen cursus Certified Datacenter Expert - CDCE® (exam incl.) - Recertification - English Course

De cursus Certified Datacenter Expert - CDCE® (exam incl.) - Recertification - English Course behandelt de volgende onderwerpen:

    • Module 1 The Datacenter Lifecycle
    • Module 2 The Datacenter Project
    • Module 3 Developing The Datacenter Design Brief
    • Module 4 Preliminary Design Review
    • Module 5 Final Design Assessment - Validation
    • Module 6 Product Evaluation - Equipment Selection
    • Module 7 Individual Equipment Testing (IET)
    • Module 8 Integrated Performance & Validation Testing (IPVT)
    • Module 9 Datacenter Handover
    • Module 10 Retirement
    • Exam Module
    • EXAM: Certied Datacenter Expert

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Cursusduur5 dagen






  • 27-nov, 28-nov, 29-nov, 30-nov en 1-dec.
  • Nieuwegein€2.150,00Vraag info aan
  • 28-mei-18, 29-mei-18, 30-mei-18, 31-mei-18 en 1-jun-18.
  • Nieuwegein€2.150,00Vraag info aan
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    Gedetailleerde onderwerpenlijst cursus Certified Datacenter Expert - CDCE® (exam incl.) - Recertification - English Course

    Hieronder vind u een gedetailleerd overzicht met onderwerpen die in de cursus Certified Datacenter Expert - CDCE® (exam incl.) - Recertification - English Course behandeld zullen worden:

      • Module 1 The datacenter Lifecycle
        • The datacenter lifecycle stages & phases
      • Module 2 The datacenter Project
        • Delivery options & methods
        • The team structure & team members
        • Team roles & responsibilities
        • Feasibility & business impact analysis
      • Module 3 Developing The datacenter Design Brief
        • Business case assessment
        • Site selection assessment
        • Redundancy & resilience assessment
        • Risk & disaster recovery assessment
        • Design brief development
        • Hands-On Exercise: Develop project design brief & group presentation
      • Module 4 Preliminary Design Review
        • Building layout & construction
        • Room/space allocations & collocation
        • Electrical & power distribution review
        • Mechanical ventilation & plumbing
        • Architectural aspects (slab-to-slab, raised floor, floor loading, ceiling, lifts)
        • Cooling infrastructure: design & air ow dynamics
        • Computer room & rack/equipment layout
        • Structured cabling review
        • WLD & re suppression review
        • EMS/BMS & CCTV review
        • Environmental management: temperature & humidity, room & equipment monitoring
        • Security & safety review: physical/logical
        • Hands-On Exercise: Evaluation of design drawings & group presentation
      • Module 5 Final Design Assessment - Validation
        • Consolidated drawings validation
        • Tier compliance validation
        • Design freeze validation
        • Criteria for equipment selection / tendering & acquisition
        • Hands-On Exercise: Validation of nal design documents & group presentation
      • Module 6 Product Evaluation - Equipment Selection
        • Equipment data sheets review
        • Technical & functional specications
        • Standards & tier level compliance
        • Maintainability & serviceability
        • Spares availability & repair-ability
        • Product & service warranty & EOL
        • Final selection / acquisition decisions
        • Hands-On Exercise: Develop final equipment selection list
      • Module 7 Individual Equipment Testing (IET)
        • Tools selection
        • IET plan development
        • IET script development
        • Hands-On Exercise: develop checklist, test plans & test scripts
      • Module 8 Integrated Performance & Validation Testing (IPVT)
        • Tools required
        • IPVT plan development
        • IPVT script development
        • Hands-On Exercise: develop checklist, test plans & test scripts
      • Module 9 Data Centre Handover
        • Facility (building & premises)
        • Mechanical/electrical/ACMV/re & security
        • Facility management & DC operations training
        • Documentation (drawings, manuals, etc)
        • Maintenance & operations procedures
        • Documentation requirements & assembly review (AS-BUILT)
        • Key sign-os & hand-over certication
        • Hands-On Exercise: Develop hand-over plan & handover checklist
      • Module 10 Retirement
        • Decommissioning / re-purposing
        • Demolition & site clearance
        • Disposal of dangerous goods & hazardous substances & waste
        • Hand-over/hand-o & sign-o
        • Hands-On Exercise: Develop decommissioning plan & checklist
      • Exam Module
        • Q & A review & exam preparation
        • Self study period (time permitted)
        • CDCE certication exams
      • EXAM: Certied Data Centre Expert

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