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Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g R3: Develop Enterprise Portals

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An enterprise portal promotes a standardized process and infrastructure for designing, developing, deploying, and accessing Web functionality throughout an entire organization. Oracle WebLogic Portal provides an infrastructure and development environment that allows Web applications to be easily aggregated into a single, unified interface capable of supporting multiple audiences.In this course, students expand upon their basic JavaEE Web application knowledge and gain experience with portal and portlet application frameworks, as well as content management and personalization solutions. Students also learn how to apply service-oriented principles to an enterprise Web architecture using federation technologies like Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP).Learn to:Design, develop, and debug enterprise portals Render dynamic web content using WLP and NetUI JSP tag libraries Customize the default appearance and behavior of a portal application Build federated portals using WSRP producers and consumers Rapidly build interactive portlets using Workshop for WebLogic Organize, publish, and display information in a Content Management System (CMS) Note: If more than one pre-requisite is displayed for this course, the student is obligated to attend only one. Either will satisfy the requirement.A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Doelgroep cursus Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g R3: Develop Enterprise Portals

Application Developers


Wij adviseren onderstaande voorkennis:

  • Core Java programming


  • Define the terms repository, type, property, node, and library services

Onderwerpen cursus Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g R3: Develop Enterprise Portals

De cursus Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g R3: Develop Enterprise Portals behandelt de volgende onderwerpen:

    • Getting Started
    • Workshop Fundamentals
    • Portal Design and Development
    • Look and Feel Development
    • NetUI Portlet Development
    • Advanced Portlet Development
    • Federated Portal Development
    • Content Management
    • Advanced Content Management
    • Administration Fundamentals

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Gedetailleerde onderwerpenlijst cursus Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g R3: Develop Enterprise Portals

Hieronder vind u een gedetailleerd overzicht met onderwerpen die in de cursus Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g R3: Develop Enterprise Portals behandeld zullen worden:

    • Getting Started
      • Portals and the Enterprise
      • Feature Overview
      • Product Installation
      • Creating a Portal Domain
      • Starting and Stopping Servers
    • Workshop Fundamentals
      • Eclipse Java Tools Overview
      • Eclipse Web Tools Overview
      • WebLogic Shared Libraries
      • Project Facets
    • Portal Design and Development
      • Portal Projects
      • Portals, Books, and Pages
      • Portlet Types
      • Portlet Wizard
    • Look and Feel Development
      • Skeletons
      • Shells
      • Skins
      • Chromosomes
      • Layouts
      • Themes
    • NetUI Portlet Development
      • Apache Beehive
      • Page Flow Perspective
      • Actions and Forwards
      • NetUI JSP Tags
      • Form Beans
      • Validation Rules
      • Internationalization
    • Advanced Portlet Development
      • JSF and WebLogic Portal
      • Portlet Preferences
      • Portlet Event Handlers
      • Backing Files
      • Asynchronous Portals
      • Web Clipper Portlet
      • Portlet Publishing
    • Federated Portal Development
      • Web Service Fundamentals
      • WSRP Architecture
      • Consumer Registration
      • Service Registry Integration
      • Proxy Portlet, Pages and Books
      • WSRP Interceptors
    • Content Management
      • Content Management Architecture
      • Content Types and Properties
      • WebDAV CMS Integration
      • Content Workflows
      • Content Placeholders
      • Content Selectors
      • Content JSP Tags
    • Advanced Content Management
      • Content Management APIs
      • Content Personalization
      • Campaigns
      • Content Presenter Portlet
      • Content Display Templates
      • Content SPI Overview
      • User Profiles
    • Administration Fundamentals
      • WebLogic Portal Tools Overview
      • Desktop Administration
      • Visitor Roles and Entitlements
      • Desktop Customization
      • Visitor Tools

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