Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Configuration Essentials

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The business logic and function of all Oracle Retail RPAS planning, forecasting, and replenishment applications are created, modified, updated, and customized using the many individual utilities that comprise the Configuration Tools. This course is designed to provide students an introduction to the features and functions of the RPAS Configuration Tools as well as how to employ the tools to create solutions that meet the specific needs of the retail customer. The course provides a comprehensive tour of the Configuration Tools GUI, the process of creating a configuration project and all of its component parts, including Hierarchies and Dimensions, Measures, Rules and Rulegroups, as well as Workbooks and Worksheets.Additional details are provided for configuring Oracle Retail forecasting solutions. This training provides a solid learning foundation for further in-depth study of any of the individual RPAS retail planning applications.Learn To:Basics of the RPAS configuration processCreating new and modifying existing configurationsNavigating the User InterfaceHow to turn assessed client needs into functional solutions using the Configuration ToolsFeatures and Functions of the key utilitiesSpecial configuration techniques for the OR Forecasting application. A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Doelgroep cursus Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Configuration Essentials

Business Analysts


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  • Retail Accounting knowledge


  • List the steps in the creation of a configuration project

Onderwerpen cursus Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Configuration Essentials

De cursus Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Configuration Essentials behandelt de volgende onderwerpen:

    • Introduction
    • Projects and Solutions
    • System Preferences
    • Hierarchies
    • Style Definition
    • Measures
    • Rule Sets, Rule Groups, and Rules
    • Workbooks, Workbook Tabs and Worksheets
    • Wizards
    • RPAS Domains
    • Data Interface Manager
    • Configuring Forecasting Solutions

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Gedetailleerde onderwerpenlijst cursus Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Configuration Essentials

Hieronder vind u een gedetailleerd overzicht met onderwerpen die in de cursus Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Configuration Essentials behandeld zullen worden:

    • Introduction
      • Overview of RPAS
      • RPAS Configuration Process
      • Configuration Manager
      • Configuration Manager Icons
    • Projects and Solutions
      • Creating a Project
      • Creating a Solution
    • System Preferences
      • Domains
      • Global Domains
      • Setting Configuration Properties
    • Hierarchies
      • Creating Hierarchies
      • Creating Dimensions
      • Specifying Dimension Properties
    • Style Definition
      • Creating a Style
      • Style Attributes
      • Edit/Remove Styles
    • Measures
      • Realized Measures
      • Creating Measure Components
      • Measure Properties
      • Measure Validation
    • Rule Sets, Rule Groups, and Rules
      • Create a Rule Set
      • Rule Set Attributes
      • Rule Groups
      • Rule Group Validation
      • Rule Group Transitions
      • Expressions and Rules
      • Delete or Remove a Rule
      • Apply a Rule Pattern
    • Workbooks, Workbook Tabs and Worksheets
      • Create a Workbook
      • Create a Workbook Tab
      • Create a Worksheet
      • The Rule Group Simulator
    • Wizards
      • Standard Wizard
      • Custom Wizards
    • RPAS Domains
      • Building a Domain
      • Patching a Domain
      • Load Measure Data
    • Data Interface Manager
      • Specifying the Data Interface
      • New Measure Selection
      • Editing Data Interface Information
    • Configuring Forecasting Solutions
      • Configuring the CURVE Solution
      • Configuring the RDF Solution
      • Configuring the PROMOTE Solution

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