UPK Developer Rel 3.1

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Students who want to attend the UPK Developer course can attend either for the Content Developer courses: UPK Developer or OnDemand Personal Navigator Content Development course (or Upgrade course). The training you will be receiving is the same (regardless if you are an Oracle or Global Knowledge Software customer). The content is exactly the same and you will be utilizing the same identical software, learning the same features and functionalities. The only difference in the courses is that we have a different "brand" name on our training documentation.The Content Development course is designed for course authors, editors, and other individuals in need of recording and editing content in the OnDemand Developer. Through hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to build an outline and prepare for and record content in the target application. Participants will use the Topic Editor to customize recorded content. Upon completion, participants will preview the topic in the available playback modes before publishing. They will also explore the various deployment options, including the options for printed documents.Learn To: Create and manage folders in Personal NavigatorCreate outlines, modules, sections and topicsRecord and edit contentImport and export contentPublish content, including printable documentationLocalize content for foreign language deploymentA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Doelgroep cursus UPK Developer Rel 3.1

End Users


Wij adviseren onderstaande voorkennis:

  • Participants should have a basic knowledge of Windows


  • Record and edit content

Onderwerpen cursus UPK Developer Rel 3.1

De cursus UPK Developer Rel 3.1 behandelt de volgende onderwerpen:

    • Learn the Basics
    • Build an Outline
    • Record and Preview Topics
    • Edit Topics Using Topic Editor
    • Use the Action Properties
    • Modify and Manipulate Bubble Text
    • Manage Library Folders and Documents
    • Refine the Outlin
    • Work with Related Documents
    • View and Assign Document Properties
    • Create Attachments
    • Linking Attachments
    • Create a Glossary
    • Understand Know It? Mode
    • Use String Inpute Options
    • Use Alternative Actions and Alternate Paths
    • Create Decision Frames
    • Define Roles and Keywords
    • Publish Content for Player and Printed Output
    • Customize Published Output and Templates
    • Export/Import Content
    • Work in a Mult-User Environment

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Gedetailleerde onderwerpenlijst cursus UPK Developer Rel 3.1

Hieronder vind u een gedetailleerd overzicht met onderwerpen die in de cursus UPK Developer Rel 3.1 behandeld zullen worden:

    • Learn the Basics
      • Understanding the Components of Developer
      • Using Folders and Documents
      • Understanding the Developer Document Types
      • Using the Library
      • Working with Folders
      • Understanding Library Design Considerations
      • Creating New Folders
      • Creating New Modules or Sections
    • Build an Outline
      • Developing an Outline
      • Linking a New Module
      • Linking a New Section
      • Linking a New Topic
    • Record and Preview Topics
      • Setting Developer Defaults
      • Recording Different Action Types
      • Recording Content
      • Redoing the Start Screen
      • Saving and Closing a Topic
      • Previewing Player Modes
    • Edit Topics Using Topic Editor
      • Customizing the Topic Editor Layout
      • Inserting and Deleting Frames
      • Inserting a No-Context Frame
      • Inserting an Explanation Frame
      • Recapturing Actions and Screenshots
      • Re-Recording a Topic
      • Creating Jump-In Points.
      • Changing the Print Settings
    • Use the Action Properties
      • Defining the Action for a Frame
      • Editing Action Properties
      • Resizing and Moving Action Areas
      • Creating and Deleting Action Areas
      • Ignoring Context Information
      • Using Keep with Next Option
      • Copying an Action Area
      • Setting Frame Delays
    • Modify and Manipulate Bubble Text
      • Using and Editing Bubble Properties
      • Changing Template Text
      • Adding and Editing Custom Text
      • Formatting Custom Bubble Text
      • Editing Bubble Icons, Pointers, and Background Color
      • Inserting Template Text as Custom Text
      • Specifying Playback Modes for Custom Text
      • Control Text for Player and Print Output
    • Manage Library Folders and Documents
      • Renaming Folders
      • Moving Folders
      • Deleteing Folders
      • Understanding Document in Use Message
      • Recording a Topic from the Library
    • Refine the Outlin
      • Moving a Document in Outline Editor
      • Deleting Document Links
      • Understanding the Undo/Redo Actions
      • Linking an Existing Document
      • Linking a Document Using Copy and Paste
      • Printing an Outline
      • Copying and Pasting Documents in Outline Editor
    • Work with Related Documents
      • Viewing Related Documents
      • Deleting a Document and Related Documents
      • Viewing and Repairing Broken Links
      • Understanding Broken Links in Published Content
    • View and Assign Document Properties
      • Viewing the Properties Toolpane
      • Chaning Document Properties
      • Assigning Properties
      • Understanding the General Properties
      • Understanding and Editing Topic Properties
    • Create Attachments
      • Enhancing Content with Attachments
      • Reviewing Types of Attachments
      • Creating a Package
      • Adding Items to a Package
      • Renaming, Deleting, Editing Packages
      • Creating a Web Page
      • Adding and Formating Text to a Web Page
      • Inserting Hyperlinks and Images to Web Pages
    • Linking Attachments
      • Linking an Attachment as a Concept
      • Linking an Attachment from a Topic Frame
      • Linking an Attachment from Bubble Text
      • Editing and Deleting Linked Attachment
      • Adding Tooltips to Frame Links
      • Creating Custom Icon for Frame Links
    • Create a Glossary
      • Creating a Glossary
      • Adding Glossary Terms
      • Assigning the Glossary
      • Updating the Glossary
      • Editing and Deleting Glossary Terms
      • Deleting a Glossary
    • Understand Know It? Mode
      • Including Bubble Text in Know It? Mode
      • Previewing Frame Text in Know It? Mode
      • Setting Know It? Scoring Defaults
      • Setting the Know It? Remediation Levels?
      • Scoring String Input in Know It? Mode
      • Playing the Know It? Mode
    • Use String Inpute Options
      • Understanding the String Input Formatting Options
      • Clearing the Input Text Entry List
      • Adding New Text to the Input
      • Replacing Input Text
      • Deleting Input Text
      • Setting Default Text Entry
      • Adding Meta Entries to the Input Text
    • Use Alternative Actions and Alternate Paths
      • Inserting an Alternative Action
      • Inserting an Alternative Path
      • Changing the End Frame of an Alternative Path
      • Deleting an Action
      • Deleting a Path
    • Create Decision Frames
      • Using Decision Frames
      • Inserting a Decision Frame
      • Recording a Path in a Decision Frame
      • Renaming Paths and Header
      • Repositioning Paths
      • Removing Paths
      • Deleting a Decision Frame
    • Define Roles and Keywords
      • Creating Roles for Topic Filtering
      • Editing a Master Role List
      • Assigning Roles to Topics
      • Updating, Renaming, and Deleting Roles
      • Assigning Keywords
      • Deleting Keywords
    • Publish Content for Player and Printed Output
      • Using the Publishing Wizard
      • Publishing Destinations
      • Publishing Options
      • Advanced Options
      • Publishing Player Formats
      • Publishing Printed Output Formats
    • Customize Published Output and Templates
      • Creating Custom Styles
      • Customizing the Player
      • Customizing Document Formats
      • Changing Template Text in the Bubble
      • Changing the Font Format for Template Text
      • Changing Templates for Different Languates
    • Export/Import Content
      • Export/Import Content
      • Importing Content
      • Exporting Content for Localization
      • Importing Localized Content
    • Work in a Mult-User Environment
      • Creating Login Profiles
      • Checking In/Out Documents
      • Refreshing the Library and Outline Editor
      • Viewing Document History
      • Deleting and Restoring Documents
      • Managing Workflow
      • Publishing in a Multi-User Environment
      • Reviewing Administrative Options

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