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Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Configuration I v8

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This course covers the basic fundamentals of rule configuration using version 8 of the Oracle Insurance Policy Administration and the Rules Palette (formerly AdminServer). You will learn how to use the system, what the building blocks for configuration are and how to use pre-defined XML elements to configure. Any job role associated with implementing a Policy Administration System should attend this course.Participants will learn how to use the front-end of the system for policy administration. The lifecycle of a policy is reviewed to provide a foundation for configuration tasks. Then you will learn how to configure business rules, system screens, fields, transactions, security and math elements. You will perform hands on configuration work for each topic and at the end of class perform an individual configuration project. Learn To:Configure field validation Policy creation Configure a simple transactions Configuring fields on screens and in transactions Write simple math NavigationA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Doelgroep cursus Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Configuration I v8

Application Developers


Wij adviseren onderstaande voorkennis:

  • Basic XML


  • Explain the basic building blocks of the Policy Administration System

Onderwerpen cursus Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Configuration I v8

De cursus Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Configuration I v8 behandelt de volgende onderwerpen:

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Gedetailleerde onderwerpenlijst cursus Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Configuration I v8

Hieronder vind u een gedetailleerd overzicht met onderwerpen die in de cursus Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Configuration I v8 behandeld zullen worden:

    • Navigating
      • Explaining Menu Functions
      • Using Buttons
      • Using Tabbing System and Screens
      • Locating Business Rules and Transactions
      • Identifying the Main Screens and their Function
      • Explaining Activity Processing and Details
    • Configure, Rules and XML
      • Recognizing the Benefits of using a Chassis for Configuration
      • Navigating the Rules Palette
      • Locating Rules for Configuration
      • Distinguish the Various Types of Rules and their use
      • Applying Overrides of Rules to the Appropriate System Level
      • Using specific XML Elements and Attributes
      • Using the Technical Manual to locate Elements and Attributes
    • Term Life Policy Lifecycle
      • Overview of the Basic Term Insurance Chassis Lifecycle
      • Reviewing the Term Policy Lifecycle in the Policy Administration System
      • Reviewing the ACME Term Lifecycle Activities
      • Performing the Steps for Creating a Policy
      • Using Suspense Records
    • Configuring the Screens
      • Matching Screens with Database Tables
      • Identifying Above the Line and Below the Line Fields and Matching with the Correct Database Table
      • Configuring Screen Business Rules
      • Configuring Different Types of Fields
      • Applying Background, Title and other Cosmetic Configuration to the Policy Administration System
      • Writing Field Validations
      • Write Required Validations
      • Using JavaScript to write Expression Validations
    • Security
      • Applying Security Roles to Clients
      • Accessing Security Role Rules
      • Configuring Security Rights for Roles
    • Simple Transactions
      • Articulating the use of Transactions in the System
      • Locating Transaction Rules
      • Creating New Transactions
      • Creating Transaction Level Overrides
      • Using the EligibleTransactionByPolicyStatus Business Rules
      • Using Mandatory Business Rules
      • Using the TransactionBusinessRulePacket
      • Distinguishing the Sequence of Elements in the Transaction Configuration.
    • Math
      • Using MathVariables
      • Using Functions in Math

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